Exploring the art of your mind

Portrait of Your Mind

About Us

A new digital art form has been born. This is the first offering of its kind in the world. This technology, which has been pioneered in Toronto, makes artistic, high-resolution 3D still images and movies of your own brain activity in real-time. In other words, you can see your brain thinking live! At Portrait of Your Mind, we make you personalized artistic portraits of your brain activity. Your portrait will be made in our studio by recording your brain’s activity using a special cap that collects your brain’s electrical signals. This is a new generation of EEG but with more electrodes and revolutionary software to find and image your brain signals.

Why Art?

WHAT IS ARTISTIC ABOUT YOUR BRAIN? Dynamic Electrical Cortical Imaging (DECI) was invented initially for medical applications; however, when the technology first yielded movies of the movement of electrical fields in the brain, the inventors were immediately struck by the order and beauty. Our software system allows us to capture images of the mind using standard Electro-Encephalography (EEG) technology, and then to colour-code the brain activity accordingly. This creates a spectacular display of the fascinating movement of the electrical fields. During your recording, you will see your mind thinking with a shutter speed of 1024 high-definition pictures each second.

Your brainwaves are as unique as your fingerprints or DNA. If you wish, you can display your movie as a continuos loop on an HD screen thus converting it into a dynamic digital work of art.

The Technology

EEG has been used safely since its invention by Berger in 1929. Our technology is a significant leap in this field. It was developed by a team of scientists over a 10 year period. A special cap, which senses the electrical fields radiating from your brain will be worn during your recording. The data picked up by the cap’s electrodes is then sent to a computer where processing occurs in real-time and instantaneous image rendering takes place when we record your brain. You will have the experience of seeing your brain thinking in real-time!

The Product

This is our feature product and we are the only studio in the world to offer it. A scientist will record your brain for approximately 1 hour and a graphic artist will oversee the creation of the Portrait of Your Mind movie. You can meet the co-inventor, Dr. Doidge. Your movie will include several scenes, from various vantage points, showing evolving activities in your brain.